Water Soluble CBD Be Vibrant


BE VIBRANT Water Soluble CBD 5%+ zinc+ B complex are water soluble drops with CO₂ hemp extract. The product contains a high concentration of CBD, a wide range of other cannabinoids and bioactive compounds creating an “entourage effect”. Water soluble formula enhances the potency of the product.

Boost your energy with actives CBD, zinc and B complex.

BE VIBRANT Water Soluble CBD 5%+ zinc+ B complex drops can be purchased in a 10-ml blue glass bottle with a pipette.

The product is available in a strength of 5%.


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Water Soluble CBD drops are concentrated oil in water emulsion, produced by combining purified CO₂ extracted hemp resin with natural emulsifiers. Our formulations contain a variety of active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts for balance and better well-being.


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