Vape juice CBD 400mg Flavored


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CBD E Liquid, Canavape Flavored 400mg


Sample Balm 5ml

300mg CBD balm 5ml


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200MG or 400MG CBD E Liquid with either 20MG or 40MG CBG!
20ML bottle lasting you longer than 10ML!
50:50 PG/VG – Perfect for use in all vapourisers designed for E Liquids
UK and USA formulated flavour base & pharmaceutical grade carrier oils
> Each bottle is hand crafted in our certified laboratory by an expert with years of experience
> Crystal clear made with pure CBD (cannabidiol) and pure CBG (cannabigerol)
> Free from oils, packed full of beneficial cannabinoids which can optimise your well being
Works in any electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser (we advise a non disposable device, check out our deals on high quality e cigs)
> Suitable for vegetarians

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Bubblegum, Pink lemonade, Grape escape, Blue scante, Coca Cola


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