CBD Infused Hard Candies


Hard Candies

Lemon flavoured hard candies infused with Hemp in a handy pack of 25.

A handy way to top up your daily CBD uptake on the go!

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Handy Pack of 25 Hemp infused Hard Candies. Ev8Life Hard Candies are handmade with natural flavours and colours. They are also are infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Paste during the preparation process.

Available in delicious Lemon flavour.

Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.

Gluten Free

Directions for use:

Adults should begin taking 2 Hard Candies twice daily for a period of 2 weeks. This will allow the body to trigger your Endocannibidiol system and adapt your body to CBD uptake. You can increase this to 2 Hard Candies, 3 times daily if necessary.

Children over 10 years should begin taking 1 Hard Candy twice daily (2 per day) for a period of 2 weeks. You can increase this by 1 Hard Candy per day if necessary, (leaving a 2 week period to allow the body to adjust to the increase in CBD uptake) up to a maximum of 5 per day.

Cream of Tartar

Full Spectrum Hemp Paste

Glucose Syrup

Natural Colours (E100, E140, E160c, E162)

Natural Flavourings




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