Canavape CBD Additive 10ML 600MG 6%


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Canavape CBD Additive 600MG CBD 10ML 6%

Canavape® CBD additive is made using unrivaled pure CBD. Canavape® CBD additive packs a whopping 600mg + of CBD into a sturdy 10ml bottle with glass dropper for you to add to E liquids, balms, cosmetics and whatever you like!

Sample Balm 5ml

300mg CBD balm 5ml


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If adding our additive to an e liquid then simply add 1ML (1 pipette) to a 10ML bottle and shake well for 1 minute! This would achieve over 60MG. You can also build your own E Liquid from the ground up using our CBD additive as part of your PG quota. 

Canavape® CBD additive can be used to add CBD in an accurate measurement. Each 1ML (one pipette) contains over 60MG of active CBD (cannabidiol).

Canavape® CBD additive is so simple to use. 1ml = 60MG + of the purest CBD in the world.
We advise adding this CBD additive to a larger quantity of E Liquid 1ML at a time. We do not advise adding the CBD additive to a tank. We always advise adding this to your PG or flavour base if making your own e liquid.

> Our brand new CBD additive offers a seriously cost effective way to add CBD to your daily regime
> You can add our CBD additive to your E liquids, cosmetics, skin balms and the list goes on…
10ML UV proof plastic bottle containing over 600MG of CBD!
UK made, pharmaceutical grade carrier oils
> Each bottle is hand crafted in our certified laboratory by an expert with years of experience
> Crystal clear made with pure CBD (cannabidiol)
> Free from oils, packed full of beneficial cannabinoids which can optimise your well being
Works in any electronic cigarette or personal vaporiser (we advise a non disposable device, check out our deals on high quality e cigs)
> Suitable for vegetarians

Our products containing CBD, CBG, CBDa & other phytocannabinoids which when used as a food supplement may contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Including CBD and other cannabinoids within your daily regime can help maintain a healthy & balanced endocannabinoid system.


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